Join Annapolis Green in the Movement Away from Single-Use Plastic

It Starts with a Straw

Straws are just part of the worldwide plastic pollution problem.  
We all need to cut our use of throw-away plastic.

We're Collecting Plastic Straws at These Locations


25 Maryland Avenue


194 Green Street


26 West Street

Help Annapolis Green collect plastic whether they've been used, found littering the streets or shores of our creeks, or taking up space in your kitchen or restaurant. Look for the distinctive TerraCycle boxes.

Hobo's fabulous bags will carry a card with our message about reducing the plastic footprint in every bag this week. And Visit Annapolis will spread the word at the Visitors’ Center. Thank you for this great community collaboration!

Because plastic straws are not recyclable through traditional methods, TerraCycle will dispose of the straws properly and keep them out of the landfill and out of our waterways.

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What's the Problem?


The Earth is drowning in plastic, particularly the throw-away kind that's used for a few minutes and then discarded... bags, cutlery, bottles, and yes, straws... more than 500 million plastic straws used in the United States EVERY DAY. Much of this petroleum-based material ends up as toxic litter in our streams, rivers, Chesapeake Bay, and in the oceans.It's bad for our health and bad for the planet.

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Our Campaign


Annapolis Green is calling for action to change habits by saying NO to throw-away plastic. In 2018 we launched our "Don't Suck. #SipResponsibly" campaign during Annapolis Restaurant Week. Now more than 30 restaurants are on board and we're moving beyond straws to all sorts of single-use plastics that end up as toxic pollution in our waterways including beverage bottles, plastic bags, cutlery, and of course, straws.

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What You Can Do


Take Action: Annapolis Green will show you how to cut down the amount of plastic you buy. Take a Pledge as a constant reminder. Volunteer: We need help to build awareness about the environmental impact of single-use plastic pollution. Hospitality Partners: We hope to be a resource, giving you guidance and referrals to help you reduce your plastic footprint -- from straws to take-out containers.

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