Join Annapolis Green in the Movement Away from Single-Use Plastic

It Starts with a Straw

Our Campaign

How it started... with a straw

We launched our Annapolis Green "Don't Suck. #SipResponsibly" campaign during the 2018 Annapolis Restaurant Week and it was a great success. It was gratifying to see our community join this global movement. We were elated when people came up to us proclaiming, "we don't suck!" That just goes to show you that all worthwhile movements need a bit of fun to catch on.

We reached out to restaurants lead the effort by not automatically serving  plastic straws. We asking them to retrain staff to offer straws only upon request or to switch to paper straws. We partnered with Baltimore-based Leonard Paper, and with its initial donation of made-in-USA Aardvark paper straws, we supplied several restaurants with a starter kit that included paper straws along with training materials for staff. We also provided posters and tent cards for restaurants and cards for patrons to leave at restaurants that were still serving plastic straws.

Preserve was the first restaurant to sign on. In fact, they gave us all the plastic straws they had on hand so we could dispose of them properly (they are not recyclable).


Moving to single-use, throw-away plastics

Our campaign continues, expanded to engage our community with regard to other types of single-use plastics like bags and beverage bottles. There are many ways you can join in and reduce your plastic footprint -- whether you are a restauranteur or an everyday citizen.

What can you do as a restaurant owner or as a customer? - read more