What You Can Do


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Spread the Word

Social Media – Annapolis Green is in the process of producing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram messages you can share on your own networks to get the word out about how single-use plastics such as straws are a thing of the past. 

Tell your own stories on social media, especially with photos. Have you been to a place where there is plastic litter? Yes, of course you have. It's everywhere. 

Take a photo, write about how this is not acceptable and reference our campaign in your own way. When you see somebody saying NO to the plastic straw, take a photo and post it! Give them credit for sipping responsibly. Then tell us all about it!


Help us get the word out in your circles. Talk to your neighbors, family and friends, your PTA, your faith-based community, and your homeowners' association about the need to cut single-use plastic.

Be a Volunteer Restaurant Liaison

Let us know you’d like to help by reaching out to specific restaurant and bar owners. Start the conversation at your favorite watering hole. We’ll equip you with information and product samples.